Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


Why did you reject my profile?

You will normally receive an email with an explanation but some common reasons are: Missing contact information, poor quality images or images that breach our content policy (no pornography, no explicit genitalia, no excessive image filters or graphics overlaid) or are too small to display correctly, stolen images, a poor quality or non-working website, you are based in an area we do not cover for legal or other reasons, you've submitted a duplicate profile, issues with your description or other text (excessive captilisation, ASCII art, emoticons, non standard characters, poor spelling and grammar etc.),references to illegal activities or activities not permitted to be advertised on EscortReal or listing you may cause a confict of interest. This list is not exhaustive, we reserve the right to reject a profile for any reason.

1. Why do I need to verify my account?

The reason why we ask all customers to verify their account is so that they are available to use all platform features and to have more visit on profile

How to change my personal information?

If you want to change something on you`r profile just contact us on email and we will change it for you in the next 12 h

The profile are real ?

Yes all our profile are verifed by our team

What is it EscortReal.lu?

Escort Real is a online directory from Luxembourg with top visitators

Escort Real is a agenty ?

We are just a commercial site, we are not an escort agency, we do not do business with escorts or prostitution